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Education is key to changing the world. Let's make the change together. 

My Services.

Speaking Engagements

I offer tailored visits to your group, business, school, or organization. My goal is to spread diversity and inclusion by discussing the roles of service dogs, service dog etiquette, and disabilities. These include how to overcome obstacles you may be facing, and the importance of inclusion. I want to work with you to design a specific program that best suits your booking needs. 


My Mission

My mission is to help individuals of any age understand the importance of making the world a more inclusive place for all. Through specialized visits, groups can thrive from learning how service dogs help their handlers, how people with disabilities live their lives, how to overcome personal obstacles, and so much more! I believe that a positive education can enrich the lives of those willing to learn, and that you are never alone in whatever challenges you may be facing.  

Who We Are


My name is Isabella. I am a college Biology student, digital creator, and author who happens to be legally blind. Legal blindness means anyone who has a visual acuity of 20/200, or worse, even with corrections. I specialize in helping people learn about service dogs, disabilities, and how to create a more inclusive world. 

    At the age of 8-years-old, I began losing my eye sight to a disease known as Stargardt's Disease. Stargardt’s is a juvenile form of macular degeneration, that progressively takes the central vision. Just like all disabilities, everyone’s experience with their disease is different. I began to read large print books, and use a white cane for mobility. During high school, I attended a school for the blind in Watertown, Massachusetts


It has always been my dream to have a guide dog, and when doctors suggested I would greatly benefit from one, that solidified my decision. O’Hara and I were paired back in March of 2018. We trained together at the organization’s residential training program for three weeks. 



She may be a bit quiet, but her skills make her the center of attention.

O’Hara is a female yellow Labrador Retriever, who was  specially trained to be a guide dog. A guide dog is a dog that is highly trained to help lead someone with significant sight loss. She comes from a non-profit organization located in Yorktown Heights, New York. She trained for 15 months with her volunteer puppy raisers. With them, she learned basic obedience (sit, down, stay, heel), good house manners, socialization skills, and got a solid foundation for her future job. She then returned to the organization for what is called “formal harness training.” It is during this, that she learned how to become a guide dog. O’Hara was formally honored by the Red Sox at Fenway Park for one of their 2019 opening ceremonies, as “Service Dog of the Game”. 

Due to her viral 'lab testing' videos, where she eats different types of food in her laboratory PPE gear, O'Hara has become known as the 'Goodest Girl in STEM'. Through these and other videos on TikTok, O'Hara has helped to educate millions of people about service dogs. 

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